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Welcome to the links section....

Here i've simply added links to sites that have a personal meaning to me, ranging from organisations that I have worked for,

to those that I have used to build & maintain this Fedora 16 Linux Server.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to recommend the inclusion of additional links!

Social Network(s)

Contact me via Facebook

Academic Institution

Farnborough College Of Technology

Domain & DNS Registration

FreeDNS Hosting Services

123-Reg Domain Name Registration

Linux Server Software Build Packages

The Fedora Project Group

Webmin Server GUI

Apache Web Server Software

Awstats - Advanced Web Site Visit Analysis Software

Sendmail SMTP Server Software

Dovecot POP Server Software

ClamAV & Mail Filter Scanner Software

File Integrity Checker Software

Lorna Webley - Freelance Journalist

Lorna Webley - Freelance Journalist / Writer

Previous Employers

Nittan UK

KBA Computer Systems Ltd - No longer trading!

Kenure Developments Limited

Online Radio Stations

Kane FM

SSRadio UK

Jazzanova Artist Radio

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